The Family Secret

She walked in to the restaurant hand in hand with her new boyfriend. A big smile plastered itself on her face as she seated herself buoyantly next to me. Her eyes presented an innocent look to them, but I knew better. Getting up out of the booth, I glared harshly at her.

“Can I talk to you for a moment,” I asked with enough venom in my voice to be a snake. Visibly cowering, she cautiously stood up and followed me to the back of the restaurant. She gave one last reassuring look to her newest boyfriend before facing me. “What the fuck is wrong with you!?” I scolded immediately as we rounded the corner. Her eyes blazed with fury that she’d obviously been hiding while we were around her new boy toy.

“Just because you’re ashamed of it doesn’t mean I have to be!” she said back in a harsh, but hushed tone so that the people in the restaurant wouldn’t over hear. I threw my hands up, exasperated, and rolled my eyes at my little sister.

“I don’t care about that! This is my birthday! I just wanted family to be here! For once could you have just left your fuck buddy at home and just spent time with us!?” I yelled back in a hushed tone. Suddenly, mother rounded the corner. Her eyes looked sweet as always, but held a certain feel to them. If you looked at her directly you’d feel the demand for respect those eyes commanded from you.

“What the hell are you two arguing about!?” She nagged. My sister and I both rolled our eyes and opened our mouths at the same time.

“She brought her stupid boyfriend to my family dinner!”

“She’s just scared he’ll find out about Dad!” We both yelled at the same time. Mother crossed her arms and began tapping her foot impatiently. Her one eyebrow was cocked and she had that look on her face that said how many times do you girls need to argue about this? 

“One, your father is dead! Two, he can’t hurt anyone now! And three, I plan on having a nice dinner! Whether you two are here or not!” she said, then turned on her heel and walked away. My sister and I, still glaring at each other, reluctantly followed her back out to the table.

Plastering a big fat smile on my face I walked up to her new boyfriend and stuck my hand out forcefully. He looked small and slightly taken aback by my abrupt greeting.

“Hi! I’m Lacy, Catherine’s sister. It’s nice to meet you, Serge,” I said with a pained tone of voice. I felt Catherine stomp on my foot, but I ignored her. I had asked her not to bring him and she did. Now, she was going to get punished for it.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” he said shyly as he shook my hand feebly. I quickly slumped back into my seat at the booth and Catherine slid in across from me. I glared at her the rest of the night.

Never would I forgive my father for what he’d done and never would I forgive my sister for acting like it had never happened.


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