My views on Religion: Specifically Catholic and Christianity

I’m sorry to say that if you’re very religious and very into God himself then I recommend you not read this unless you’re looking to start a debate, which I am all for, but if you’re looking for a fight you won’t find one here.

Anyway, on to now. I’ve been an Atheist since I was maybe 16 years old. That was the age where I started to really find myself and realize some things in the world. Prior to that I’d spent my life growing up in a Christian home, going to church every Sunday, and going to a Christian school for 8 years of my life.

After now being 18 and somewhat out in the real world I’ve come to love my decision of becoming an Atheist, but it wasn’t until just recently I began to figure out how much more open minded, considerate, compassionate, and quite agreeable most of us are. I feel like when I tell people I’m Atheist they think “oh shit! She worships the devil because she doesn’t believe in God!” No no my friend. Not at all. That brings me to my first point.

1. Just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t make you a devil worshiper by default: The literal definition of Atheist is: not believing in God/s. The devil can technically be counted as a God since there are cults and organizations who worship him as such.

2. Religion tears us apart: How many of us Atheists have ever been shunned for believing that religion is just WRONG? Huh? I know I have. I had a boyfriend who was Baptist (but also did drugs, was against gays but has had a threesome with two girls AND two guys, never went to church as long as I had known him, and found for America as a Marine corp). He proceeded to say he wanted our kids to grow up as he had: in a home where BOTH parents were religious. Now, I’m dead set in my beliefs, but I’m a pretty easy going person. I’ve always known, since I decided to become an Atheist, that I want my kids to have a choice. I will willingly take them to church every Sunday and send them to bible school and bible camp and what not, but when they grow older and they say “I believe in God” or “I don’t believe in a God” then I will say okay. I will not force them to believe anything. My ex did not like that at all. He also didn’t like our discussion about gays.

3. The issues with the gay rights laws: THERE AREN’T ANY. There is not one issue with the gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, pansexuals, or gender fluids having rights! Do they speak human? Yes. Do they walk like humans? Yes. Do they pay taxes? Yes. Do they vote? Yes. Do they have feelings? Yes. Do they have a definite personality? Yes. Then please tell me why in the WORLD they should not have the same rights as anyone else with those same exact qualifications as to be equal to a “normal” human being. If it’s not what’s on the outside (the slaves because they had darker skin) its whats on the inside (who they fell in love with for god sakes!!)

4. What the church preaches: hypocrisy. “God says all men and women are created equal” yet you still see there can be no women as priests. “God says to love all” yet you hate anyone different from you. “God says to be kind to others” yet you scream the most nastiest things to others. Which, by the way, where exactly did God “say” all this? Let’s not forget here the bible was written by a MAN. Please prove to me that everything in the bible exists and had happened because then I will believe. But the fact of the matter is: it never happened. Joseph never parted the sea, you all never got the Ten Commandments (those are just morals to live by created by a guy), never once in recorded history do you ever hear that “God” spoke directly to someone, and the stages of the cross? Come on! How many people had walked that same path, nailed to the same wood of that tree, and hung up there on a hill for all to see? Huh? A LOT. And you expect me to believe “Jesus” was somehow special in all of that? That he “stood out?” That he was “God’s” son? Uh, no. I’m sure it was some guy absolutely desperate to get out of being crucified for stealing or something.

5. “God loves all”: WRONG! After reading many peoples horrific stories about child abuse, war, rape, molestation, bullying, and starvation tell me where was your God? What heartless being would let a poor 6 six year old girl get beaten day after day after day after day after day? What God would let a young man die before he could ever see his unborn child? What God would allow such monsters to roam the earth that prey on the innocences of women and sometimes men. What God would allow any teenager to cut themselves daily because of the hurtful words thrown at their faces day in and day out? And what God would allow billions of people around this planet to drop dead from lack of food, vitamins, and minerals? He couldn’t produce a little bit of rain water? Huh? Of course not! Because he doesn’t exist.

6. For some reason you Christians (and other religions but I’m singling out Christians because I know them much better) seem to think. It is your GOD GIVEN RIGHT to shove your religion down my throat: I don’t give a damn WHAT it says in your Bible, Koran, or Book of Saints, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT. You don’t hear us Atheists in a NORMAL conversation suddenly say “just look to God for a miracle.” Yes, my sister is dying from cancer. “Pray to God.”

7. Don’t EVER EVER EVER say you’ll pray for me: What? You’re going to ask the air to help me? “Please dear Air, let the wind guide you in Hannah’s direction and point her down the right path.” It may mean a lot to you that you’d pray for someone, but when you really think about it, if God doesn’t do anything to BILLIONS of people dying what makes you think he’ll do ANYTHING for one person? If I was going off to war and someone said I’ll pray for you I’d probably slap them to the ground. I’m going off getting shot at and you’re going to lay in your nice warm bed, say a few words, and suddenly your conscious is clear!? I don’t think so. You gotta go out and you gotta help. You cannot kneel down in some elaborate church and hope that the air does your bidding for you. Lazy.

and #8. For all Atheists: I’m proud of all of us. For being different, for standing out, for sticking up for what WE believe in. No matter how much ridicule we get we stick true to ourselves. We, the free thinkers, are not bound by any book, words, or Godly person. We are us and for that I’m damn proud to think for myself and to belong to group that is like me.

Thank you *bows*


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