Catcalling Is A Form of Agression.


Catcalling is a form of aggression towards women. I and many other women have expressed that they don’t feel safe when a man yells out at them when they are in public.  Shouting, “Hey, Baby!” doesn’t feel like a compliment to women. It feels unsafe. It feels like a man telling you that you aren’t able to walk around in public without him commenting on your body and letting you know his opinion about it.

Why do I care what a random stranger’s  opinion is about my body? I don’t. And here is the thing, he doesn’t care.  THAT is not the point.

The point is CONTROL.  Why did it take me this long to have that epiphany?

It’s the same thing my father did when I when I used to fly home every three to five years to visit him and my mother.  (They were abusive, thus the visits were only every three to…

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