Rape was my life: I feel so lost right now… :-(

I’m here for you

Fighting the Abuse

Yesterday I realised I missed the ring, and as you can imagine this filled me with feelings of alarm, shame, and confusion. Why on earth would I miss such a place?

I know I miss the children, so so much. I hear so many people say you lose contact with childhood friends but they have no concept of ‘lose contact.’ I have no idea if some of my friends are even alive still, if they are alive, are they still in the ring? I only ever knew their first name, and in any case that won’t have actually been their name, so I can’t even try to regain contact with them. Some didn’t make it. I am plagued by grief for children who didn’t exist on paper, and guilt for being one of the lucky ones who did exist on paper, and did survive. I miss them. I miss their…

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