Warning Signs of Child Abuse

Everyone should know. Teachers, administrators, employers, other students, representatives, etc.

Beckie Francis's WordPress Blog

A Pat Summitt Most Courageous Award winner and former basketball coach, Beckie Francis refocused her career in 2012 to serve a cause she is passionate about, child abuse prevention. Beckie Francis works with government officials to pass laws such as Erin’s Law and Jolene’s Law, which work toward eradicating child abuse. She is regularly invited to nationwide events to speak on the topic.

In 2012, 1,593 American children died from abuse or neglect. 70.3 percent were 3 years old or younger, of which nearly half had not reached the age of 1. On average, 2.9 million cases of child abuse are reported in the United States each year, and these reports help save lives.

To eliminate the number of fatalities caused by child neglect or abuse, everyone must be familiar with the warning signs in order to report abuse to the proper authorities. Sexually abused children may have trouble walking…

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