Trauma and Our Brains

Life After Domestic Abuse

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about traumatic experiences and how they affect us in different areas of our lives. I have been well versed in the emotional after effects, how its made me feel, my resulting diagnoses, and the medications I must take to feel somewhat sane. Anyone diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, acute stress, or a dissociative disorder knows these things. What I am now interested in is all of the “whys”. Why did it affect me this way? Why do I have these feelings? Why do I act this way? I have waded through the answers to these questions being multiple different ways of saying “because your abuser was an asshole”, and trust me, telling me over and over again that my abuser was a sociopath, dickhead, prick, etc is teaching me nothing I don’t already know. I don’t need a book to tell me…

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