Birthday! Yay…

Hey guys, so today is my birthday and I just want to say thank you to everyone. I can honestly say that this is probably my most special birthday not because I’m turning eighteen, but because of all that I’ve accomplished this year. I feel like finally I’m making some thing good out of what happened, I’m learning to forgive, I’ve found the love of my life, I’ve turned my self a full 360, and I want to keep doing more. I feel like finally, for once, I deserve this life that was given to me. I feel like I’m worthy to function in society and not be ashamed of myself. Thanks to Reach Counseling center, my best friends, my family, and (most of all) my fianc√© I’ve come a long way from just last year. I’m proud of myself for making a difference. It’s been hard, yes. But that’s what healing it. It always gets worse before it gets better and I feel like I was destined to do this. I’ve even gotten myself a great job! I’m happy my suicide attempts never worked and glad I’ve had such good support over the years. I just regret that my father wasn’t here to see me now. He’d be proud. I love you all! Happy Friday the 13th!


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