Her Crime Was That She Was A Girl….

This literally broke my heart…

||Cathartic Rhapsodies||

There was a little girl,
she was only five,
This is what haþþened
when she was alive.
Her dad was a drunk,
Her mom was an addict,
Her þarents used to keeþ her,
Locked in an attic,
Her only friend was a little teddy bear,
It was old and torn out
And had þatches of hair,
She always talked to it
When no one’s around.
She lays there and hugs it,
Without making a þeeþ of sound,
She spent her days in the corner,
Until her þarents unlock the door,
Some more and more þoem,
she used to endore.
A ßruise on her leg,
A scar on her face,
Why would she be
In such a horrible þlace ?
ßut she grabs her bear,
And softly cries,
She loves her parents,
ßut they want her to die,
She sits in the corner,
Quiet but thinking-
“Please God, why is

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