One thought on “Proof?”

  1. I believe if you check, the big brains have crawfished and are now saying that as far as they know now, no other planet will support life.
    Also, light does NOT travel at a constant, since our light source propels the packets(photons) of light at differing speeds up into the millions oa miles per second.
    Do I need to mention that gravity is NOT a constant as they MISTAKENLY labeled as such, since they have now decided that the poles shift ever so often.
    So, I believe if you check with your local alien, he/she/it will tell you that the chances of everything needed to sustain life on a planet is only a 1 in BILLIONS chance.
    Given all this data, I ask you what are the chances of every human being who has inhabited this Late, Great, Planet Earth to be each UNIQUE unto himself.
    THEN figure in a couple of trillion fish.
    Then there is the matter of say half a trillion birds.
    In closing, my friend, I sure wouldn’t wager on these facts myself, because can anyone say that Jesus won’t show up in a Delorean that flys…


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