New website helps child care workers report child abuse under revised legislation


If your job requires you to work with children, you’ll soon be expected to report any signs of child abuse. If you don’t you could face a fine or even time behind bars. It’s all part of Act 31, which goes into effect December 31st.

According to the Center for the Protection of Children, child abuse in the Commonwealth is under-reported.

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Dr. Benjamin Levi is the director of the Center for the Protection of Children. Dr. Levi says, “It’s incredibly important that people who work with children be knowledgable about signs and symptoms of abuse as well as what to do when they have concerns a child may be abused.”

He says new regulations under Act 31 will require people who work with children to report cases of child abuse.

Dr. Levi says, “If they know what they need to do and they don’t do it…

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